Assistance for the State Emergency Service

The State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations, SES, is the central body of the executive power, in which the bravest and bravest Ukrainians serve.
Every day, the enemy destroys dozens of units of emergency services equipment, which is extremely necessary to save lives and eliminate the consequences of enemy aggression. Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the SES has lost more than 1,300 pieces of equipment, but step by step the SES is being restored. And we have to help as much as we can.

Requirement in equipment and basic means for equipping pyrotechnic units

Diesel Generators 50 kW - 500 kW

535000 - 4400000 UAH

Operational pyrotechnic (OPM) for the transportation of personnel and property.

Wheelbase 4x4, body type "pickup", number of seats 5, winch. TOYOTA (Japan), MITSUBISHI (Japan), FORD (USA), VOLKSWAGEN (Germany)

€ 1000000

Light-type pyrotechnic machine (PM-L) for transporting GNP.

Wheel base 4x4, armored body, winch, load capacity up to 1 t. Toursus Terrastorm (on VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER chassis - Germany), KOZAK (based on FORD - USA - Ukraine)

5000000 UAH

Heavy-duty pyrotechnic vehicle (PM-B) for transporting GNP

Wheelbase 4x4 (6x6), armored body (armored capsule), winch, manipulator (loader), load capacity up to 7 tons. ISUZU (type FTS34 - Japan), KrAZ (Ukraine)

7000000 UAH

Machine for mechanical demining of terrain

WITHremote control, for making passages (cleaning) in anti-personnel minefields, equipped with a trawl. Productivity of at least 2200 m²/h: DOK-ING (Croatia), BOZENA (Slovakia), DIGGER FOUNDATION (United Kingdom), Global Clearance Solutions AG (GCS - Switzerland)

€ 1008350

Machine for mechanical demining of terrain

WITHby remote control, for making passages (clearing) in anti-tank or mixed minefields, equipped with a trawl. Productivity of at least 3000 m²/h: «MV-10» of the company DOK-ING (Croatia)

€ 1388000

Excavator-planner on a car chassis

JCB (United Kingdom), CATERPILLAR (Japan)

11000000 UAH

Means of armor protection (armored vest and armored helmet):

Vestguard (United Kingdom): bulletproof vest - protection class VI; armored helmet - protection class III-A.

70000 UAH

EOD pyrotechnic explosion protection suit with built-in communication and cooling systems

MED-ENG (Canada)

100000 UAH

A means of searching for GNP at a depth of up to 0.6 m

Vallon (Germany), Ebinger (Germany), Minelabe (Australia)

140000 UAH

A means of searching for GNP at a depth of up to 3 m

Vallon (Germany), Ebinger (Germany), Minelabe (Australia)

200000 UAH

A means of searching for GNP at a depth of up to 6 m

Vallon (Germany), Ebinger (Germany), Minelabe (Australia)

220000 UAH

Car radio station with a frequency range of 430-430 m Hz and GPS module

Motorola (USA)

36000 UAH

The radio station is portable with a frequency range of 430-430 m Hz

Motorola (USA)

20000 UAH

Igniter with the possibility of checking the integrity of the electrical network

WHIRLWIND (Ukraine), BEETHOVEN (United Kingdom)

90000 UAH

A copter with a video surveillance system Full HD or 4K resolution and a set of spare power cells

Magdrone (Germany), DJI (China)

170000 UAH

GPS navigator with geo-position accuracy up to 5 m and dust-moisture protection

Garmin (Australia)

65000 UAH

A group set of tools to ensure work with demining and remote removal of ammunition

HAL GS (United Kingdom), MED-ENG (Canada)

102000 UAH

Individual means of ensuring demining works

HAL GS (United Kingdom), MED-ENG (Canada)

77000 UAH

The medical kit for the emergency and rescue calculation is equipped with medical equipment for the provision of first aid

29000 UAH

First aid kit is individual equipped with means to provide operational assistance. Corresponds to the minimum configuration of first-aid kits of the IFAK level


12000 UAH

Shockproof protective glasses for each pyrotechnician

Pyramex V2G (USA)

12000 UAH

Tactical knee pads and elbow pads made of impact-resistant plastic

Оklai (Turkey)

9000 UAH

A device for checking the integrity of the electrical network

D&T (China)

6500 UAH

Wire for carrying out demolition work in coils of 500 m with a section of 2x0.5


6900 UAH

A set of small mechanization tools (electric drill, electric perforator, angle grinder, chainsaw, "string" type gasoline mower)

STIHL (Germany), Makita (Japan), Metabo (Germany), DeWALT (USA)

84000 UAH

Loading stretchers (tactical), made of light and strong materials - nylon or cordura

PLANE (Czech Republic)

5000 UAH

Laptop and Printer, Enduro (Germany)

Laptop with licensed software Windows 10 and above, waterproof and dustproof IP-68, USB 2.0, 3.0, Wi-Fi module, screen size 15.0". Printer - compact for field use, color with continuous ink supply system, A-4 print format

70000 UAH

Protected tablet with GSM module, operating system Android 10 and higher, GPS module, multitouch, camera with FullHD resolution

Enduro (Germany)

40000 UAH

Laser rangefinder with a measurement range of 5-1500m.

Walcom (China)

18000 UAH

The pocket compass is shockproof with moisture protection


7000 UAH

Impact-resistant binoculars with light-sensitive lenses, magnification up to 20 times

Canon (China)

22000 UAH

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