Assistance to medical institutions

The Russian military damaged and removed a lot of medical equipment from hospitals that were under occupation.

This was announced by the director of the regional health department Maksym Haustov on the air of "Ukrainian Radio Kharkiv"

 "Many institutions have been destroyed, we are looking at other buildings, polyclinic departments, to more or less furnish them with equipment. Unfortunately, the Russian troops broke a lot of equipment and took it away. The losses in technical terms are actually 95%.

List of medical equipment to collect

Electrosurgical apparatus with argon module ATOM EMED

Electric Scalpel for welding blood vessels

1680000 UAH

Electrosurgical device EMED ES 350, Emed, Poland

- Various operating modes for open surgery and laparoscopy - Monopolar and bipolar cutting and coagulation - Universal outputs - Mode for urology and endoscopy NEM - a system for monitoring the quality of contact between the neutral electrode and the patient's skin

700000 UAH

Irrigation pump Endo Stratus EGA-500 E

250000 UAH

Carbon dioxide insufflator Endo Stratus CO2 EGA-501E

500000 UAH

Cabinet for storing endoscopes vertical Cantel EDC 10T2 Storage Cabinet

2100000 UAH

Wolf laparoscopic stand

3100000 UAH

Medifa operating table

1100000 UAH

Functional medical bed Deko

125000 UAH

Ultrasound machine Samsung HS 50

3500000 UAH

Ventilator type "Breeze"

The Bryz ventilator is equipped with microprocessor control and an electric drive. It is possible to carry out inhalation anesthesia with the help of nitrous oxide, conditioning of the breathing mixture with the help of a humidifier.

670000 UAH

Wolf operating rectoscope

A rectoscope is a medical endoscope, a steel or plastic tube with a lighting system for the object being examined. Usually, these are built-in lighting systems, optical fibers that are connected to endoscopic illuminators, used to examine the mucous membrane of the rectum and sigmoid colon.

3700000 UAH

Wolf inspection rectoscope

A rectoscope is a medical endoscope, a steel or plastic tube with a lighting system for the object being examined. Usually these are built-in lighting systems, fiber optic, which are connected to endoscopic illuminators for examining the mucous membrane of the rectum and sigmoid colon.

950000 UAH

Fiat Doblo ambulance type A1

2000000 UAH

Bath with a door for the disabled

87000 UAH

Mobile lift (max 205 kg)

170000 UAH

НТІ Biochem FC-120

Biochemical analyzer from the company High Technology (USA)

720000 UAH

ABX Micros 60

Hematology analyzer from HORIBA (France)

350000 UAH

Atlant A300

Anesthesia station from the company Drager (Germany)

3500000 UAH

FibroScan 430 mini+

Diagnostic ultrasound device from Echosens (France)

3905000 UAH


Portable blood gas analyzer from Siemens (Germany)

410000 UAH


Ultrasonic surgical aspirator with Tissue Select technology from BOWA (Ireland)

5050000 UAH

TEG® 5000 Thrombelastograph

Thromboelastography from Haemonetics (USA)

1150000 UAH


Portable fluorescent immunochromatographic analyzer from AGAPPE DIAGNOSTICS SWITZERLAND GmbH (Switzerland)

92000 UAH

Hemochron Signature Elite

Heparinization of blood from Accriva (IL, USA)

710000 UAH

Life Scope G5

Patient monitor from Nihon Kohden (Japan)

920000 UAH

Prismaflex 8.1

The "artificial kidney" device is a hemodialysis system from Gambro Artis Physio, a Baxter company

1250000 UAH

Electrocardiograph CARDIOVIT AT-102

99000 UAH

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